All workstations enable interpretation, visualization, processing and communication of any multimedia data.  Data can be processed in a synchronized manner in a phone conference.


  • Automatic image arrangement (hanging protocols)
  • Folders for image libraries collections (demos, rare cases, teaching)
  • True multimonitor concept
  • Operating system-independent
  • Integrated teleradiology


  • Cost saving for the institution, since each workstation is capable of doing everything (e.g. CT, MRI, x-ray, mammo, demo)
  • Reduced time and effort for the IT department, since based on in-house LDAP/AD
  • If desired, users have the same setting at all workstations
  • Reduction of workload, since no explicit demo preparation is required 
  • Perfect workflows due to seamless workflow integration



Visualizing and processing images together in a teleconference

Specialist consultation workflow

Requesting consultations and replying to such requests including documentation in PACS/HIS/RIS


Radiological images, image sequences, radiation therapy plans, ECGs, photographs, videos,
documents in the form of PDF or in MS Office formats


The professional workplace for radiologists for interpreting medical data. This software is commonly operated with a double monitor or a large monitor, where the contents of two monitors can be displayed simultaneously. Image retrieval can be controlled either from the RIS or from the workstation. Previous studies are automatically made available on the second monitor. Automatic hanging facilitates and accelerates working. The demo preparation is done "along the way" during interpretation by simple drag & drop into the desired demo folder. In the demo, the pictures will be visualized in the same way as at the time of transfer in the demo folder.

CHILI Diagnost


  • Synchronization of visualization with HIS/RIS
  • Automatic image arrangement (hanging protocols)
  • Folders for image libraries (demos, rare cases, teaching)
  • True multimonitor concept – even on a "large" monitor


  • Fast working due to mutual control of RIS and workstation
  • The demo is prepared "along the way" during interpretation 
  • The same user interface for interpretation, demo and image distribution
  • Smooth requesting of consultations and providing answers to such requests
  • Integration of images into reports or Office documents by drag & drop

Typical scenarios of use of this system are the workplace of clinicians, e.g. in intensive care, in the emergency room or the radiographer's workplace. In connection with a validated monitor, the software can also be used for interpretation. The software is permanently installed on a computer and is therefore always available.

CHILI Review


  • Visualization and interpretation (using a validated monitor)
  • Burning patient CDs/DVDs
  • Visualization and import of foreign patient CDs/DVDs 
  • Correction of foreign data from CD/DVD or from teleradiology
  • Export of images into other formats (optionally with anonymization)


  • Low-cost variant of the workstation for non-radiologists
  • Optimized for data import, export and adjustment
  • Efficient teleradiology management
  • Phone conferences with all PACS workstations and web viewers

This system is well suited for use in operating rooms and mobile use – e.g. on a notebook. The software is permanently installed on the computer and is therefore always available. In addition, data may be saved on a local cache on the computer's hard disk.

The advantage is that in an operating room, data of the cache remain available even if the network connection fails, so that the operation does not need to be interrupted because the images are missing.

On a notebook, intermediate storage on a cache enables mobile use without a network connection – e.g. in the case of a mobile visit.

Clinical Workstation


  • Visualization and interpretation (using a validated monitor)
  • Local data cache for storage on the computer's hard disk
  • Permanent installation of software on a computer with access to server or local cache


  • Enables working without server connection
  • Higher data security in critical areas such as operating rooms
  • Mobile use without network connection, e.g. visit without WI-FI

This viewer is part of the CHILI web server and runs on the internet browser.  In connection with a validated monitor, the software can also be used for interpretation.

CHILI Web Viewer


  • Visualization and interpretation (with validated monitor)
  • Can be integrated into other information systems
  • Image compression (precompressed or dynamically during data transmission)
  • Encrypted data transmission between server and client
  • Operating system-independent and browser-independent


  • Alleviation of workload for IT, since no installation is required on clients
  • Internal and external availability of all images
  • Ideal for teleradiology according to German x-ray ordinance
  • Availability of images and reports for referring physicians

This viewer is an operating system-independent web viewer for mobile terminal devices e.g. iPad, iPhone (Apple) or devices with Android operating systems. It supports both medical users and PACS administrators at the institution and on the way.

CHILI Mobile


  • Hardware- and operating system-independence due to web technology (HTML5)
  • Zero footprint principle (no installation, no own data storage on the client)
  • Viewer functions: Zoom, pan, level/window, annotations, display of findings, e.g.
  • Admin functions: PACS system monitoring, authorizations, releases and others
  • Mobile image acquisition via integrated camera and attribution to the specific case


  • Easy integration into existing HIS/RIS/PACS 
  • Can be called via URL from electronic medical record 
  • Operating system-independent and terminal device-independent (Apple, Android,...) 
  • Safety due to encryption and rapidity due to compression
  • No app - but HTML5 

The DICOM RT-Viewer extends the functionality of workstations and of the Web Viewer by visualizing DICOM RT structures, dose distributions and RT planning information from radiotherapy or brachytherapy plans.

› Learn more about CHILI RT-Viewer



  • Extension of the workstations and of the CHILI Web Viewer
  • Manufacturer-independent
  • Visualization and analysis of target volumes and risk organs (VOIs), Dose distributions,Dose-volume histograms (DVH), RT beams and RT plan information


  • Qualitative improvements of diagnostics and therapy due to availability at all workplaces of the institution
  • Cost savings due to manufacturer independence when archiving radiotherapy plans

This system is based on a disk producer by EPSON equipped with a control software by CHILI. The system receives requests for burning via DICOM C-Store, burns them on the medium in addition to the CHILI-specific Viewer. The media is printed automatically with the individual patient and study data, as well as the institution's logo and contact data.

CD/DVD burning robot


  • Hardware: EPSON Disc Producer PP-100II - CD/DVD Publisher with 2 disc drives (other manufacturers on request)
  • Data transmission via DICOM C-Store and DICOM Query/Retrieve 
  • It is possible to burn several data sets of different patients on one medium
  • Large data sets will automatically be distributed on several media
  • Automatic labeling with patient and study data


  • The professional viewer is authorized for diagnostic interpretation (EU medical device class IIb) 
  • The burning software was awarded the CD certificate  of the German Society of Radiology, since the patient CDs/DVDs are produced according to the specification catalog of that society.
    The certificate can be downloaded here 
  • Streamlines work due to optional front ejection for EPSON PP100 (only available from CHILI!) 
  • High quality of software raises reputation among referring physicians and patients

Automatic import of DICOM objects from patient CDs/DVDs and transmission to a DICOM receiver via DICOM C-Store. 

The media are automatically taken from an input compartment, inserted in a CD/DVD drive, read and placed in the output compartment. An express compartment is available for urgent media.  A normal output compartment or a special error output compartment are used for output.

The data to be imported can optionally be scanned for viruses prior to importation. The DICOM image headers can be modified automatically prior to transmission via DICOM C-Store according to adjustable rules (e.g. integration of a prefix prior to the patient ID or complete replacement of header by another value). 

An ideal addition is the CHILI PACS or the CHILI Import PACS for PACS systems from other manufacturers.

CD/DVD import robot


  • Different robot variants with 2, 5 or 10 read compartments
  • 2 input compartments (normal and Express)
  • 2 output compartments (normal and fault)
  • Sending of imported data via DICOM C-Store
  • Optional scanning for viruses
  • Addition/replacement of DICOM header entries (e.g. prefix before patient ID)
  • Web-based administration interface for progress display, status messages and administration


  • Cut on working time for healthcare professionals
  • Increase of process quality
  • Cost saving for the institution due to optimal workflow

The CHILI Scan Module reads pictures from X-ray film scanners or any devices with TWAIN interface. Assignment to the case is made manually, per DICOM Modality Worklist or HL7 ADT Messages.

Scan workplace


  • Interfaces supported:Vidar scanner interface, TWAIN interface and fully automated separation of films with several images into individual images


  • Digitalization of data on film
  • Acquisition of images from any device using Twain interface, such as e.g. video cameras, endoscopic devices
  • Conversion into DICOM format for storage in PACS or data transmission in teleradiology