Workstations who can do everything: Interpretation, visualization, processing and communication

All workstations enable interpretation, visualization, processing and communication of any multimedia data.  Data can be processed in a synchronized manner in a phone conference.


  • Automatic image arrangement (hanging protocols)
  • Folders for image libraries collections (demos, rare cases, teaching)
  • True multimonitor concept
  • Operating system-independent
  • Integrated teleradiology


  • Cost saving for the institution, since each workstation is capable of doing everything (e.g. CT, MRI, x-ray, mammo, demo)
  • Reduced time and effort for the IT department, since based on in-house LDAP/AD
  • If desired, users have the same setting at all workstations
  • Reduction of workload, since no explicit demo preparation is required 
  • Perfect workflows due to seamless workflow integration